Protect yourself against ransomware

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There are several steps you can take to protect yourself from ransomware:

Keep your operating system and antivirus software up to date. New ransomware strains often target vulnerabilities in older software versions, so it’s important to keep your system patched and protected with the latest updates.

Be cautious when opening emails and attachments, especially from unfamiliar sources. Ransomware is often spread through phishing emails that contain malicious attachments or links.

Avoid downloading software from untrusted websites, and only download files from reputable sources.

Enable your firewall and use it to block all incoming connections from the Internet to services that should not be publicly available.

Regularly back up your important files. This will allow you to restore your files if they are encrypted by ransomware.

Consider using endpoint security software that includes ransomware protection. This type of software can detect and block ransomware attacks before they can encrypt your files.

Educate yourself and your employees about the risks of ransomware and how to spot potential attacks. The professionals at Right Guy IT can help you protect your company from this and other security threats, call us today!