From cloud computing to Quick Books: we manage all of your computing, server, and network needs to make technology work for you.


Backup & Disaster Recovery

Are you backing up your data? More often than not, if you’re asking the question, it’s already too late. At Right Guy IT, we specialize in efficient, seamless back-up and disaster recovery solutions, designed to minimize the impact of data breaches and data loss and ensure your company can get back on its feet in no time with a solid back-up plan in place.

Remote or On-Site

We know your time is valuable and that’s why we offer remote IT support to all of our clients. Our remote managed solutions provide you with an easy, lightning-fast way to resolve the majority of IT issues and our on-site personnel of highly trained professionals is always there to help.

Managed IT Services

Make your IT infrastructure work for you, rather than against you. By working with us, you take advantage of our best-in-class technology expertise and unrivaled know-how. Whether it boils down to a simple fix or end-to-end management of your IT needs, Right Guy IT is here to help.

Wireless and wired networks

Make the most out of your network. We can help with the installation of brand new wireless and wired networks, as well as improve upon your existing set-up to ensure it meets and exceeds your needs. Not sure what you need? Give us a use case for your current install and our friendly IT gurus will provide you with recommendations for the best set-up. We take the time to examine your entire current setup to find the low reception points, identify security vulnerabilities and design custom solutions that address these and any other problems.

Cloud and IT Consulting

Future-proof your business with premier cloud and IT consulting, brought to you by the IT experts from Right Guy IT. We dive below the surface to get to know your business and its computing needs and get back to you with a customized plan. Save time and money and boost productivity with custom-designed cloud solutions.

Lease whole or partial VPNs.

Protect your and your customers’ privacy and provide security with our Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Right Guy IT’s team will handle the entire process and set-up a VPN to encrypt your data and ensure you can access company’s data from your home and office, without putting your business’s reputation and security at risk.