What Sets Right Guy IT Apart?

From sudden computer breakdowns and data loss to frustrating overheating and connecting problems, our IT experts promise you cutting-edge IT solutions to bring your work back on track.

The best part? We don’t leave our customers when in need and offer remote and on-site IT services, so you never feel lost fixing those wires.

What makes us the best at what we do?

Customer-centric Approach

At Right Guy IT, we don’t use an all-generic approach but find the best custom-tailored IT solutions for the problem. If you operate a business in the Michigan area, we’re the most reliable, skilled, and friendly IT professionals you can come to at any time.

Full-time maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, we’re just a call away from offering high-end server maintenance 24/7 for both on-site and remote services. Not only this, but we also solve every day common issues like virus removal, computer tune-ups, connecting peripherals, data recovery, and everything in between. Right Guy IT has your back, you won’t have to think twice about asking for a free consultation to fix your techy issue.

Free Consultation Call

At Right Guy IT, we believe in effective communication to understand what our customers want. Our free consultation calls have always done wonders for clients who don’t know the root cause of the problem. If you can relate to this, don’t hesitate to click on the Free Consultation Calls option you see below.

Experience Team Of IT Experts

We’re no other ordinary IT service that you come across while scrolling through your feed. RightGuy IT is one of the most experienced IT services in Michigan for many years. We’re a place where experience meets excellence and brings the most transparent IT solutions that are easy to use, manage and trust.