Ann Arbor Computer Support

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Ann Arbor Computer Support


The economy of Ann Arbor is dominated by the local college, the University of Michigan.  The school employs over 30,000 people and much of the city’s population are students.  But there’s more to Ann Arbor than only supporting the university, it has become one of Michigan’s technology and medical centers.


Why Ann Arbor is an Information Technology Hub


There are two main reasons Ann Arbor has a booming information technology industry.  First, it can thank the local university’s technology research and development programs.  The university attracts both students and professors alike to not only work for the school, but start technology businesses or seek employment in the technology sector.  Second, Ann Arbor was the home to the International Radio Corporation, an early technology company dating back to the 1930’s, is one of Google’s Adwords headquarters, and home to the Barracuda Networks engineering team.  With more and more technology companies moving to the Ann Arbor area, there is nothing but growth ahead for this once tiny suburb of Detroit.


Ann Arbor Information Technology Companies


With a thriving technology industry comes a need for information technology support.  Just because a technology company is staffed with computer science engineers, it does not mean they have the time or expertise to manage the office computer network.  Managing an office computer network involves security protections from hackers and data theft, but also offsite cloud backup and disaster recovery strategies.  A company only needs to be struck once by a hacker to suffer permanent damage.


Because Ann Arbor is a technology hub, it has high expectations for computer support.  Ann Arbor might seem like a relatively small city, but it has big technology needs.  Selecting the right IT agency is key to the long-term success of any company.  The good news is there are companies like Right Guy IT who specialize in handling the IT needs of any company, big or small, in not only Ann Arbor but the entire greater Detroit area.  Being a local IT company matters as every city has different telecom and internet providers, different building codes, and a different set of local partners needed for a successful computer support strategy.  Local IT companies know the lay of the land and can often predict what a company’s information technology issues will be ahead of time by having other customers in the area.


Think of Right Guy IT as your new IT department.  Not only does Right Guy IT manage the entire company technology infrastructure, but offers helpdesk services that employees can reach out to directly for immediate help.  We are hardware and software experts, and also work with our clients to build long-term IT strategies that support the company’s business goals without breaking the budget.  It is our goal to ensure your company functions seamlessly and at the highest possible level.