Bloomfield Hills Network Security for Home Workers


Bloomfield Hills Network Security for Home Workers


Bloomfield Hills information technology is experiencing the same situation as many suburban areas around the United States.  Health conditions have forced many offices to either shut down or send as many people as possible to work from home.  In most cases, Michigan’s information technology systems were not ready for the security requirements of sending employees home to operate from their own computers and mobile devices.  A new focus has been placed on Bloomfield Hills network security for home workers as companies struggle to figure out how to manage cybersecurity when employees are sent away to work from homes, parks and coffee shop patios.


Bloomfield Hills Information Technology (IT)


Information technology is not much different in Bloomfield Hills than most any suburban neighborhood across Michigan.  Most Bloomfield Hills residents work in nearby Pontiac or commute to Detroit just over 30 minutes away.  The area’s computer support and IT is geared towards small businesses such as restaurant point of sale systems and small server management.  These types of IT needs have become so standard that most IT companies can handle them in their sleep.  But cybersecurity and network security for an employee sitting at home in an environment their employer and IT company has no direct access to, is an issue most IT companies are not ready for.


What Right Guy IT is Doing About It


The unfortunate reality is most IT companies don’t have the experience and breadth of knowledge to handle security for home-based employees.  From cybersecurity, to a local internet outage, to sharing their wireless networks with devices such as home security cameras, the ways in which hackers can get into a home network are endless.  Once a client (the technical term for the employee’s computer) has been compromised, it might only take seconds for a data breach to occur that includes company banking, insurance and even alarm and security system information.


But the good news is the securing of home networks and remote devices for home based employees is something Right Guy IT has been doing all along.  Protecting home workers from cyber attack and keeping company data safe and secure is second-nature for Right Guy.  Right Guy IT’s clients were relieved to know they had already been protected, that the necessary cybersecurity measures were already in place and their networks were safe.  Computer science already has answers to how to protect companies with home-based employees, but only a few IT companies know how to implement it.  Right Guy IT provides security for home workers across Michigan, especially places like Bloomfield Hills where extra bedrooms are being converted to home offices on a daily basis.


The Right Way to do Network Security for Home Workers


Network security for home workers begins not at home, but making sure the company’s network security is locked-down at its core so cybersecurity threats are stopped no matter where they come from.  Right Guy IT approaches security with the theory that all computers and devices are a potential threat, no matter if they are located at home or in the office.  This level of extreme alertness and scrutiny means the Right Guy IT security model was already designed for home-based worker security, and the security of every other computer that touches the company network or data.


To learn more about network security for home workers or how Right Guy IT has the right security for your home-based employees, please don’t hesitate to reach out.