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Why Outsourcing IT is Better in Clinton Township


There are always certain roles within a company that need to be filled in-house – they tend to be the positions core to delivering the company’s products or services.  These are roles that require collaboration, company knowledge, or a physical presence in order to execute.  Although the temptation exists for business owners to outsource as many roles as possible, the reality is it can lead to reduced efficiency and quality when not applied to the right positions.


But what about information technology?  Many business owners have a difficult time letting go of in-house IT.  They get accustomed to having someone available at a moment’s notice.  Much of the time this IT guy or gal has a primary role doing something else, but puts on an IT hat as needed to help keep the office running smoothly.  Perhaps they worked at a computer repair shop in college or builds computers as a hobby.  They help the boss with everything from spreadsheet formulas to setting up a wireless router.  However, the inadequacy of this level of support becomes immediately apparent when disaster strikes – usually in the form of getting hacked or data gets lost.  In most cases, companies relying on this level of in-house support are not prepared for emergencies like this.


The business owner is then faced with a decision.  Hire a dedicated, experienced information technology employee capable of handling the company’s needs, or, outsource to an IT agency.  The IT agency is always the right decision at this phase.  Here is why.


Breadth of Experience


When you hire an IT agency, you are not hiring only one person, you are hiring an entire team.  Your one in-house guy might be an expert in routers and networking, but not at protecting your systems from data theft.  An agency is likely to have experts in both and will assign the right person to the task.


More IT Tools


If you choose to take the path of hiring an in-house IT expert, you’ll also need to buy all the tools that come with it.  These are diagnostic tools, antivirus, monitoring… an information technology agency will already have these and include it in the price of the monthly service fee at a cost far less than you would pay as an individual company.


Because You Can


Unlike some of the core roles in your company that cannot be outsourced, information technology can be.  For an IT agency, a small or mid-sized company, like most of the companies in Clinton Township, are easy to manage and can be managed remotely, with only periodic physical visits to the property.  They have all kinds of wonderful monitoring and remote access tools that allow them to operate just like having an IT employee right down the hall.


Moving from in-house information technology to an outsourced agency is always a difficult decision at first, but in today’s world there really is no better option.