Rochester Hills Ransomware Protection


Rochester Hills Ransomware Protection

Rochester Hills Michigan is known to most people as a sleepy suburb with a Christmas parade and boutique shops lining Main street. But Rochester Hills has become a hub of commerce due to its close proximity to Detroit. With a population surpassing 70,000, Rochester Hills has a thriving business community with the same information technology needs as much larger cities. This is especially true for cybersecurity as small businesses incorrectly assume they’re too small to be the victim of an attack.

Ransomware Attack

Cybercriminals look for easy targets. If you think cybersecurity in local communities like Rochester Hills isn’t a problem, think again. As hackers are finding large organizations more and more difficult to penetrate, small business ransomware attacks are on the rise. Ransomware attacks stop a business in its tracks by stealing or encrypting data from a network or computer system, and not giving it back until a ransom is paid. Even a business with only a single computer could find themselves unable to operate if the cybercriminals steal the right file. The average ransomware attack demand is over $80,000, can you afford to pay this?

Ransomware Protection

Off-the-shelf antivirus and malware protection software offers some help, but is no replacement for managed security services from a professional information technology and computer support agency. The key to surviving a ransomware attack is to not be an easy victim in the first place. Cybercriminals look for easy openings and move on to the next potential victim once they see ransomware protection is in place. It’s no different than a burglar looking for a home to break into – they’re not going to pick the house with the alarm sign in the window.

Computer Security in Rochester Hills

Every small business that has been the victim of a ransomware attack regrets not having spent the time and effort securing their computer system ahead of time. Managed cybersecurity solutions are not only much more affordable than most business owners assume, but are dramatically less expensive than a ransomware attack payout. And there’s no guarantee the cybercriminals will return your data after their demands are met, and if they do, your business may be unable to operate for days or even weeks while your computer system is brought back online and the damage is repaired.

Difference Between Malware and a Ransomware Attack

Although a ransomware attack could be considered a form of malware, they have distinct differences. Malware is generally thought of as a small piece of automated software designed to target computers mostly at random. Malware enters a computer system and executes it’s code without direct control of its creator. On the other hand, when a ransomware attack occurs, there is usually a person or organization on the other end with direct control. Immediately following a ransomware attack, the victim will usually receive an email or even a phone call stating the cybercriminals’ demands. Once the attack takes place, there is little that can be done besides regretting not putting security in place beforehand. An information technology company can help you get back on your feet, but can’t roll back the clock to before the attack occurred.

IT Infrastructure and Computer Network Support for Rochester Hills

Right Guy IT specializes in the type of small business IT and computer networking support needed in Rochester Hills. Not only do we handle your IT services and help desk support, we help you plan for the future. And perhaps most important – we protect you from ransomware attack.