West Bloomfield Michigan Data Backup


West Bloomfield Michigan Data Backup

West Bloomfield information technology is going through the same transformation as many small towns; as more and more business data is being held on local hard drives, the need for data backup and disaster recovery has reached an urgent level. A few short years ago, a company hard drive might have held nothing more than a few spreadsheets, but today the same company’s computers might hold everything from banking data to employee payroll information.  If data loss of this magnitude were to occur, it could be catastrophic.  Could your business afford to lose all its data?

Data Theft

Cybercriminals and hackers are finding it more and more difficult to steal information from large companies and as a result are spreading out to the suburbs where personal information and business data is less protected.  Unfortunately, towns like West Bloomfield think data loss and disaster recovery assume this is only a problem for big cities like Detroit, not Oakland County, but the reality is anyone with a hard drive is vulnerable to attack.  Anyone with a computer could wake up in the morning to find everything gone.

Natural Disaster and Human Action

Fire and flood might come to mind first, but what about disgruntled employees deleting data, or someone simply hitting the delete button by mistake?  No amount of security can prevent this type of data loss as you can’t stop mother nature, or an employee with access.  These can be the most frustrating as they are often the easiest to avoid.  Imagine a leaky pipe in the ceiling dripping on a laptop overnight, wiping out this week’s payroll information or tomorrow’s sales presentation.

Backup Protection is the Answer

The answer is simple; backup.  Keeping business information protected from data loss is by having multiple copies.  Multiple copies, physically located in different areas could be the difference between your business shutting down, vs, pressing the restore button and pickup up where you left off within minutes.  Have multiple computers or complex systems?  No problem, disaster recovery plans can be designed ahead of time to get businesses up and running as quickly as possible – including getting employees up and running from home if necessary.

There are two main types of backup; local and cloud.  Local means the backup copy is held on the property on a server or external hard drive.  Cloud backup means company information is sent via the internet to an offsite data center.  Both types of backup methods can be set up to operate automatically and run behind-the-scenes without the business owner or employees having to do it manually.  In both cases the data can also be restored automatically in case of data loss.

Which is Better Local Backup or Cloud Backup?

Cloud.  With today’s fast internet speeds and the cost of data center storage dropping each year, cloud has become the best option.  A few years ago, slow internet connections meant a company might generate more data in a day than could be sent to the cloud, meaning only certain files would be designated for backup.  Fast-forward to today, and not only can all data be backed-up instead of only certain critical files, but all of it in real time instead of waiting until after business hours when enough bandwidth is available.  Imagine the comfort of knowing all your company data is being duplicated to a safe and secure data center, ready at a moment’s notice in case of disaster?

Right Guy IT is an expert in both cloud and local storage and can help design a safe, effective and affordable data backup plan for your needs.